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Here is an exciting way to help the team. It becomes particularly helpful this time of year if you are planning to buy gift cards Any member of our swim family can use it, and from the convenience of their own workplace or home, any time, day or night.  We encourage everyone to think of Scrip first. It’s a good habit to develop.

In Jrs and Srs the swimmers travel as a team, accompanied by chaperones and coaches. The Jr/Sr group fundraise to reduce their cost. They do this all year long for MIT, Long Course Y Nationals, and Short Course Y Nationals. As was mentioned in the last Seadog newsletter, the Jr/Sr dues program has gone away. We will still offer fundraisers to help defray the cost of our travel trips.

The Scrip program is one of those ways. For those not familiar with the program, it allows you to buy gift cards from hundreds of different stores. Each store gives a percentage back to the organization, ranging from 2%-20% . There will be no individual fundraising; it will go to all who attend the trips.

As the coordinator, Jane Barlok will submit any orders in the queue every Monday night, since we will not pay for shipping due to PrestoPay.

How do we sign up ?

The following is directly from the Scrip web site.

Give your families a better way to pay for scrip and enable your program for online payment! PrestoPay™ is the electronic payment method which allows a family to securely link a bank account to their ShopWithScrip® account. Families can then choose to have their bank account debited for the entire amount of their ShopWithScrip order when they checkout online. Your organization receives credit for the amount the family paid on your next order, and you don’t have to handle any cash or checks.


PrestoPay™ lets you pay for your ShopWithScrip® orders online—no more dropping off checks! PrestoPay securely links a bank account to your ShopWithScrip account so you can choose electronic debit when you checkout online. The rebate is automatically credited to your organization, and you don’t have to worry about cash or checks.


PrestoPay makes ordering so convenient! For a small convenience fee of only $0.15 per order, you can order and pay for scrip on your ShopWithScrip account at any time, day or night. But what you’ll really love about using PrestoPay is your Reloads process faster, and you’ll receive your ScripNow® eCards and ReloadNow® funds in a matter of minutes! On top of that, PrestoPay is completely secure. You create a secret PIN number to use at checkout, so you know your account is protected.


It’s easy to get signed up.

Go to

1. Click on the PrestoPay link on your Dashboard.

2. Enter your bank account and account holder information.

3. Within 2-3 business days, we will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. The next time you log in, enter these amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify the account, and choose a PIN number to use for online payment.

4. You will receive an email with an approval code to send to your coordinator.

The Sea Dog code (Our Enrollment Code)  is


If you have any questions please contact Janet Boyer at

Thank you for supporting our hard-working swimmers!

UPDATE - Can I use my phone?

Information regarding Mobile Scrip can be found here. Use your phone to shop  -